Short Erotica by Stella Hayne
My first KDP Select Free Day! 21 pieces of free short erotica!


Today’s really exciting for me, it’s my first Kindle Select Free day! I decided to go all out, and make almost half of my published stories free today, May 27th, 2012!

I would be thrilled if you went to Amazon and downloaded each of them, and especially if you push the “like” button next to the title on each Amazon page. That would be huge.

Here’s the list of free stories:


Firehouse Gangbang (MMMf gangbang erotica) (Flame’s Lust) (

Fucking The Bridesmaid (M/f erotica) (

Prof’s Sex Curve (m/f, teacher erotica) (

Seduced By Her Boss (M/f erotica) (

Seducing Her Cowboy (western historical erotica, M/f) (

Seducing Mom (

Seducing the Quarterback (M/f, first time) (

Sex and Paint (M/f erotica) (

Snowed-In Seduction (M/f erotica) (

Taming the Stud (M/f erotica) (

Tied Up in His Police Cruiser (M/f erotica) (

Watching the Neighbors Fuck (Mff voyeur, threesome erotica) (

Wife On The Run (m/f) (


Becoming His Roommate’s Gay Sex Toy (gay first time, oral, anal, m/m sex) (

Frat’s Gay Anal Initiation (first time gay, anal sex, m/m erotica) (Frat’s Gay Sex Toy) (

Frat’s Gay Oral Initiation (first time gay, oral sex, m/m erotica) (Frat’s Gay Sex Toy) (


Laying Her Claim (vampire erotica, m/F) (

Office Quickie (paranormal erotica, m/f) (The XXX Files) (

Pixie’s Sexual Healing (paranormal erotica, M/f) (Pixies’ Desire) (

Caught By Pixies (paranormal erotica, m/f) (Pixies’ Desire) (

Pixie’s Kiss (paranormal erotica, M/f) (Pixies’ Desire) (

Taken By The Wolfpack (werewolf erotica, MM/f, threesome) (Wolfpack’s Lust) (

I hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I enjoyed writing it! Please download!

I just started an email list!

I figured there was no easy way for people to find out when I have new stories coming out, so I thought I’d create a list! This way people can sign up, and I’ll send out updates whenever a new story comes out, or some other cool stuff happens!

I would love it if you signed up! Here’s the link: Stella’s email list

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Finally, I can blog somewhere special! Can’t wait.